• When I Work When I Work I like to connect with my audiences so from time to time I get out there and let them have a feel of my Process
  • When I Relax When I Relax I prefer to be by myself and just enjoying the moment in my little space.
  • When I Improve When I Improve I'm always on the look out for new, innovative and time effecient ways to offer quality to my clients. I actively update my existing displines.
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I’m Kelvin Azibisa, a multidisciplinary designer who focuses on solving problems through design interventions, through a wide array of platforms using diverse design softwares. I specialize in digital illustration, print media advertising and photography. Aside these I also work in desktop publishing, digital marketing, marketing communication, 2d and 3d animation, art direction, typography, web design, branding (person and/or organisation), logo design and copy writing.


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